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    Jimmy Choo April Suede OTK Boots Whiskey discount off VA54

Jimmy Choo April Suede OTK Boots Whiskey discount off VA54


11 Things You May Not Know About Hong Kong If you've lived in or visited Hong Kong before, you have most definitely mastered the art of passive aggressively elbowing strangers out of your way, and have likely also jimmy choo black stilettos developed the reflexes of a born kung fu master from dodging umbrella spines that threaten to poke out your eye (rain or shine).

It's a true city ripe with culture and contrast etched into the very core of the people who live there. I have lived in Hong Kong. In fact, I was born and raised there, zero jimmy choo shoes clearance to 18. And though the perceived notions of Hong Kong (big, bustling, and ultra crowded) are true, I'm here to share a few things you may not know. Everyone's favorite word free! Millions of visitors from mainland China flock to Hong Kong to shop 'till they drop, with empty suitcases ready to be filled and wads of cash in their pockets. One would assume then, that these cash heavy tourists wouldn't mind splurging on a hotel for their weekend across the border. But once the free campgrounds were discovered, everyone began dragging their diamond encrusted jimmy choo heel boots Cartier watches and Chanel bags towards their beachside tents jimmy choo fashion instead. The lifestyle of wanting it all, having it all right now, now, now is truly alive in Hong Kong. And, the sheer polarity between those who walk (with the clickity clack of designer shoes) upon spotless marble floors, and those who clean them is very real. The first minimum wage introduced in May 2011 was $28 HKD per hour a shocking $3.61 USD. It has since increased to $32.5 HKD per hour in May 2015 ($4.19 USD), reports SCMP. The disparity between minimum wage and cost of living has resulted in a majority of the population residing in government subsidised 6ft by 2ft "homes," costing $1,200HKD ($161.2 USD) per month. WSJ recently reported, the new developments in Hong Kong are so small (averaging 180 sq. new small home is 195 sq. feet. 8. The In Between: Horse Races When the horse races first started up back in 1841, enjoyment of the sport was confined to the city's elite, but has made its way into "mainstream" entertainment since then. Spend your Wednesday evenings gambling to the rumble of horse hooves, and the cry of hard core betters crying out in defeat or victory. Of course, there are those (like myself) who go purely for the atmosphere, and bet by the hilariousness of the horses names: "Pakistan Baby," "Bear Rapper," and "O'SOCOOLE" are just a few of my personal favorites.

11. You Don't Need Chinese to Get Around If 91 percent of the population is of Chinese descent, how can you not need to speak Chinese? Well, aside from some general knowledge (food, greetings and directions), I barely speak any (shameful, I know). Seeing as Hong Kong was a British colony way back when, the city takes into account the need for English with menus, road signs, and public transit all "English speaking friendly".

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