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    Jimmy Choo Yen Suede Biker Boots Light Brown discount sale CU59

Jimmy Choo Yen Suede Biker Boots Light Brown discount sale CU59


10 most stylish NZ women Everyone's favourite housewife, Gilda Kirkpatrick has glamorous clothes for every occasion.

On the show the viewers were treated to some fabulous outfits even when they filmed beside the swimming pool, Kirkpatrick managed to outshone all the other housewives, using accessories like weapons. Kirkpatrick and fellow housewife Michelle Blanchard recently took part in a photoshoot for fashion bible Viva magazine where their usual high end Gucci looks were pared down. Kirkpatrick can do both with ease. 2. Jaime Ridge Making the list for the second time is Jaime Ridge spends a lot of her time around expensive clothes. Jaime has been styling photoshoots for trendy magazine The Denizen. Her Instagram account is full of stylish ideas which she creates for her Dillon Dot website. The week she showed off a shoot of Kenzo x jimmy choo gold high heels H it's a combo only Ridge could pull off. 3. Michiko Hylands There's a reason Michiko Hylands brings you the latest fashion directions every week in Spy's Fashion Pages in the Herald on Sunday, she has years of experience making other people look effortlessly chic. The jimmy choo python shoes busy mother of twins own style is simple yet glamourous, Hylands is one stylist that literally practises what she preaches from accessories, the latest make up trends through to her glossy hair. Her best accessory at any event is her beautiful mother Masako. 4. Danielle Cormack Most people are used to seeing Danielle Cormack gold shoes jimmy choo in her prison jumpsuit, but away from the scene she loves nothing more than dressing up. Cormack has recently taken part in photoshoots jimmy choo stiletto boots for Vogue Australia, Stellar Mag and graced the cover of the Star Observer magazine. Although she loves designer clothing and taking part in Fashion Week, she also loves to rock her leathers when she rides her beloved Harley. We love Cormack when she donnes a power suit and tie. 5. Fatima Savea Wife of All Black Julian Savea, Fatima is an avid follower of fashion and regularly posts the results of her shopping trips. She's a big fan of designer clothing and isn't afraid to mix high end bags with fashionable sports shoes. Fatima, was in designer heaven when she joined Julian at the opening of David Jones in Wellington earlier this year. 6. Antonia Prebble Currently the brand ambassador for Smith Caughey's, actress Antonia Prebble is always impeccably dressed and keeps it classy every time. Her look is definitely a nod to the 50s with demure dresses which she modernises with jewellery from Zoe Morgan. Prebble made our most fashionable list, last year and has not put a foot wrong since. 7. Chrystal Chenery With her Hitchcock blonde looks, Chrystal Chenery is no slouch when it comes to fashion. Chenery loves designer clothes and always manages to look polished with classic style. Her favourite piece is a camel coat which she manages to make look a little different with each outfit she wears it over. Although she is often in yoga outfits, when the occasion calls Chenery pulls out all the stops and looks a million dollars. 8. Ladyhawke Musician Ladyhawke stays true to her rock n' roll life and is known for her quirky fashion sense. Although she keeps her look casual, she manages to pull off a Mickey Mouse tshirt and still look uber cool. Recently she has been wearing the on trend satin bomber jacket at her concerts. She has also been rocking the iconic Adidas Gazelles. Kelly Coe is the fashion designer behind the Augustine brand. Always an advocate for her clothing, Coe consistently looks fabulous in her own designs, even whilst she was pregnant shenever let up on looking good. Coe's style is casually glamorous and she is a big fan of bright colours and funky patterns. But when the occasions calls for it, Coe can definitely bring on the designer look. 10. Jenny Suo Newshub Late presenter Jenny Suo is always immaculate when presenting the late news. Although she's a lover of the great outdoors, Suo can definitely hold her own in the fashion stakes.

Earlier this year she attended the iD Fashion show in Dunedin. She has also interviewed the world famous Jimmy Choo. Definitely one to watch.

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