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11 anniversary in U andNew York last week to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on those two cities.

Canada's defence ministerspoke at the 9/11 Commemoration Summit and a conference sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association. MacKay said he jimmy choo lang red spoke about the need to remain vigilant with security in North Amercia and abroad and had the opportunity to meet with survivors and families ofthose who died in the terrorist attacks. "When the skies over North America shut down that day to international travel many of the aircraft were diverted to Canada including places like Halifax and Gander. That was a huge benefit to America. Administration, including jimmy choo pump shoes Secretary Janet Napolitano from the Department of Homeland Security, who also gave an address. MacKay noted that 24 Canadians died in the terrorist attacks and that many Canadian firefighters and police officers provided help with the rescue efforts. relationship and how it has evolved in the decade since 9/11. "There is abilityfor terrorists to strike and we have jimmy choo sale online to continueefforts in placesit originates likeAfghanistan and other parts of the world in addition to Canada's obligations to assist those in need for those who want to share our values for human rights, freedom and democracy," MacKay said. andCanada has a much more coordinated approachto sharing intelligence through efforts with the North American Aerospace Defense Command andhas added a maritime awareness approach to water born threats. MacKay also spoke about the Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic jimmy choo velvet boots Competitiveness, a framework announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama in February 2011. "In taking this approach to perimeter security, it is our hope that this will not lead to further thickening at theborder," MacKay said. "We cannot sacrifice economic security entirely on the altar of national security concerns. We have to do this in a coordinated, balanced way that allows people, goods and services to flow across the border." He said a civil assistance plan formed in 2008 allows the countries to assisteach other in times of national civil emergencies such as hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. "We want to do everything we can to be effective and efficient in preventing, preempting and reacting to any type of human suffering and disaster." Internally Canada has created Canada Command to focus on domestic security and continued to respond to large international gatherings like the Olympic Games and G8 summits. "All of that takes huge co ordination even within our own government departments," MacKay said. He warned future threats could include cyber and environmental attacks. The opening of arctic waters adds to the concerns. "That is why investments like the Canada FirstDefenseStrategy and making sure we have the proper equipment and training are important to having the flexible, agile military that has allowedCanada to perform internationally in places like Afghanistan and Libya but also to respond to threats at home in coordinated effort throughout government," MacKay said. He described his trip and the opportunity to meet victims' families as poignant and reminiscent of visits to Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and around the Libya mission. "Meeting those families, looking into their eyes seeing the pain they still feel is very much thought provoking and a personal reminder of what is at stake when you are dealing with security threats and extremism. It is a huge and daunting task that we face in a complex world these days.

There are no simple answers, onlythe profound sense of responsibility and hope. Hope that we will see a more peaceful future.".

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