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10 resorts for every type of traveler From hotels situated in billion year old landscapes to the snowiest ski resort in the world, these places prove that the resort experience is so much more than lounging by the pool with masses of other sunburned tourists.

1. Best foodie resort: Meadowood, California Great food, awesome wine, jimmy choo canada happy days. Located in a private 100 hectare estate in Napa Valley, Meadowood is mostly known for its Michelin three star restaurant simply called The Restaurant. Each dish at The Restaurant is a tribute to the Napa Valley region. Chef Christopher Kostow cooks with ingredients from Napa Valley's terroir. This includes curing Wagyu beef with pine needles from the Meadowood property, and sourcing fresh produce from its garden. Meadowood takes its wine seriously as well. On top of maintaining an 11,000 bottle cellar, the property's owners also founded the exclusive Napa Valley Reserve. ambassadors and captains of industry. Facilities such as tennis courts, croquet courts, golf courses, hiking trails and a swimming pool complete the country club experience. 900 Meadowood Lane, St. Rooms cost US$575 2,550 per night. 2. Best ecological resort: Cousine Island, Seychelles They were here first, so you have to earn your keep. At Cousine Island, "eco" is taken so seriously that guests are requested to plant trees and assist the island ecologists to monitor wildlife. There's more to visiting the island than walking around on tiptoe and staring at birds through binoculars. Cousine Island also offers standard resort activities such as a spa, deep sea fishing and a host of water sports. Individual villa rental costs 1,200 (US$1,720) per night, and the entire island can be rented for 4,500. Funds generated from tourism are used to finance the island's conservation work. 3. Best golf resort: The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand Amazing views just don't forget to take jimmy choo shoes new a swing occasionally. It's won awards for its hotel, its dining and its spa. But most travelers love KauriCliffsfor its seaside golf course. Kauri Cliffs' par 72 golf course meanders through jimmy joo forests, marshes and farmland. Most of the holes overlook the Pacific Ocean, six of which are alongside sheer cliffs. The pace of play is reportedly an issue, because golfers can't stop gawping at their surroundings. Visitors who don't like golf will appreciate the pleasant diversions back at the lodge. There's an award winning spa that is accessible by a road that winds through a totara tree forest. The property has three private beaches, one of which is covered with pink sand. There are infinity pools, tennis courts, mountain bike courses, and even opportunities for game hunting. And don't worry about having to share the facilities with the masses. The Lodge only has 22 guest suites and two owner's cottages, so guests will have hundreds of hectares to themselves. Rooms range from US$212 283 a night. Reservations can be made here. 4. Best beach resort: Esperanza Resort, Mexico The fantastic location is matched by the superlative service. Proximity to the sea is what Esperanza Resort sells, and they lay it on thick. The resort is perched at the tip of the Baja Peninsula overlooking the how much are jimmy choos Sea of Cortez, and each of the hotel's 57 rooms and 60 villas overlooks the ocean.

Many rooms afford views of humpback whales in migration in the winter. Their oceanfront restaurant serves fresh catch from the sea. Each Wednesday, executive chef Gonzalo Cerda cooks Argentinean barbecue on the beach for guests with tiki torches, a bonfire and millions of stars as backdrop.

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