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11 endures for emergency services personnel In the 14 years that have passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the tragedy enduring legacy has become perhaps most poignant to those who work in the emergency services field.

On Sept. Over 400 subsequent deaths have been connected to respiratory illnesses as a result of exposure to the contaminated disaster site. Local emergency services personnel from Dryden Fire Service, Northwest EMS and the Ministry of Natural Resources Dryden Fire Centre as well as dignitaries from the City of Dryden gathered at Hall 1 on Colonization Ave. to pay their respects on the morning of Sept. 11. As the station bells tolled in three sets of five, those gathered observed a moment of silence. It was an event that would forever change the field of disaster management, says Dryden Fire Chief Ken Kurz. "It was a very high toll and it something we hope to never see again," said Kurz. "There are still 1,100 firefighters in New York who suffer from respiratory challenges as a result of that day. We here today to honour all of those people and those who are still suffering." Dryden City Councillor Roger Valley says 9/11 was a display of both the worst and very best parts of humanity, a lesson that no one should forget. "Every year at this time you start to see the images of 911. It still an absolute shock and it takes you right back to that jimmy choo shoes price in india moment," said Valley. "What I remember the most was that while everyone was rushing to flee from the building, the emergency workers were rushing towards it. Those brave jimmy choo best price souls died trying to save everyone in those buildings. I will remember that for the rest of my life." Kurz says that the willingness of any individual to put themself in harm way for the protection of others is worthy of reverence, although it a story that most often goes untold. "That goes on daily everywhere just on a smaller scale as firefighters and emergency services personnel respond to emergencies. Unfortunately Ontario residential fire deaths are 25 per cent above last year number, which were 20 to 30 per cent over 2013. We don see it getting better. jimmy choo silver sandals sale It speaks to the work we must continue to do in public safety." "We all remember where we were that morning," said MNR Response Coordinator Darren McLarty.

"With the things that we all get involved with from time to time, it a stark reminder. The training and expertise that goes into the job j choo ltd whether you a paramedic, or fight forest fires, or structural fires or respond to police calls it thought provoking at the very least.".

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